someone who lives life on their own terms and refuses to let the things around them influence what’s inside them

A life created not followed

I lived life on acreage surrounded by the rainforest in far North Queensland. I always felt there was something inside telling me there was more to life – that us humans weren’t just bags of flesh. My intellect has always been different to others my age. It’s set me apart and encouraged me to drop out of school in grade ten in pursuit of clarification and happiness.

I worked instead and learnt about myself – no school subject interested me. I launched an Instagram account in 2018 to fulfil my desire to vocalise the thoughts I over-think, the feelings I over-feel, and clarify my bizarre life choices.

I never travelled or explored in my younger days like I’ve been doing more since moving out of home. I struggled with social anxiety, and since meeting my partner in 2020 who has forced me past my comfort zone, my eyes have been stretched so far open that for the first time I can understand my own thoughts. And I want to articulate them in this blog.

Maybe they will inspire you, or help you with personal obstacles. And maybe this blog will gather like-minds to me.

So welcome to Hippie Thinking.

Some life advice, some poetry, mostly vibes. Kick your shoes off (you won’t be needing them), feel what it means to be human.

We’re slowing down, we’re taking it all in.


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