About me

My name is Emily Bock.

My back-Story

I lived on acreage surrounded by the rainforests of Tully, Far North Queensland. I’ve always been introspective in nature and dedicate my life to understanding and loving people and the universe.

I struggled with social anxiety growing up so I always resorted inwardly- spending time with my thoughts and my words; I guess that’s how I discovered my love for writing & poetry- it was a form of self-expression.

You could define it as a form of e s c a p i s m. When being amongst the crowded public feels like your throat is tightening and you’re trapped inside your skin with lookers seeing in, you’d avoid participating too!

I left high-school after my family moved to NSW in 2017. I went on to pursue the meaning of life & happiness; to figure out who I was; and what I wanted. I worked as a barista full-time for a few years while working my ass off to establish this blog and my career path.

My family split up at the beginning of COVID-19 with Mum & Dad divorcing, one older sister moving in with her boyfriend, and me leaving a long-term relationship and moving alone.

I never travelled or explored in my younger days, like I’ve been doing now, since moving out of home. Since meeting my partner in 2020, he has forced me past my comfort zone and stretched my eyes far beyond the horizon to live out the life I always dreamed.

My Mission

I created Hippie Thinking as a means of self-expression and to share my journey of self-discovery, now that I have more clarity of this life and can articulate it.

May these experiences and lessons inspire you, or help you with personal obstacles. Us individuals can feel isolated or misunderstood, so I’m here to provide comfort and clarity for your confusing self-journey, with a side-dish of sweet and sour poetry.

In a world of sheep, we’re going to keep paving the road while nurturing our inner nature. This blog is a shortcut- using my own experiences- for you to understand yourself and achieve a great wellbeing & your goals, and to help you overcome inner struggles.

Kick your shoes off (you won’t be needing them).

We’re slowing down, we’re taking it all in the sadness, the madness, the doubts, the missteps, the love, the heartbreak, the empowerment, the being.

Thank you for visiting


~hippie t.

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