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There may be adult themes and photos, media, videos unsuitable for anyone under 18 years old, or that you may disagree with. Some topics may be sensitive to some people, caution should be taken if a negative outcome is to come from reading, seeing or hearing the content. Nudity may prevail. All content is not intended to harm or dissuade anyone from seeking medical attention for any condition, no responsibility will be held for anything that occurs after use of this site. This entire site is for entertainment purposes only. Services however, may serve a purpose beyond the entertainment of the site. This will be elaborated when services and products come into effect. They are currently not in effect. All subscriber’s, free or paying, will be notified of any revised, modified or edited versions of this disclaimer and will automatically accept them without manually agreeing. Options to opt out will be easily accessible.

If there are any problems or areas of this Disclaimer that you disagree with, feel free to contact me at I refuse to make changes to this agreement in favour of any individual/s, unless I, the author, decides it will benefit the user’s safety or further protect me.

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