How I’m Being More Mindful


Before your click off, I need to tell you about my recent life lesson! It’s about

p r e s e n c e.

Don’t get me wrong, I quite enjoy living with my head in the clouds, pondering creative possibilities, thinking all thoughts. Why were humans the only species to evolve? I still have no idea…

I found that thinking has its limitations before it becomes toxic and unhealthy.

Am I really being as mindful as I think?

Living In The Future

I love planning my ideal life. Writing out all my goals and to-do lists. Accomplishing as much as possible everyday. Buuuuuuttttt…

What about the living that is happening at the same time? What about this space in time that I totally have no thought about because my mind is busy.

I was at the gym this morning when I got inspired to write this post.

I don’t usually go to the gym in the morning because I rather use my fresh mind to study or do brain work, but today I did. Usually, I move around swiftly while my brain is in ‘active mode’ to get as much as out my workout before it switches back to normal mode and it all seems like hard work. Does your brain do this?! Then I’d rush a warm-down because it’s dinner time. What am I going to have? Can I wait for it to cook or am I going to get hangry.

I ate too much yesterday so I wasn’t hungry whatsoever, and also had a few hours to myself to wake up slower and go to gym. So with my baby in the creche, I decided I’d slow it down a bit. Me time. As usual, I had a few workouts in mind, except I steadily did each movement, focusing entirely on the exercise. Walking slower to each machine. I still pushed myself to lift, and I must have become so focused that I entered the ‘flow state.’ I was vibing on the workout when 40 minutes passed and I thought “Oh sh*t, I have to meet my sister for breakfast in half hour.” But I maintained presence and mindfully warmed down for 5 minutes. There was time (plus I knew she’d probably be late anyway).

I was invigorated. It felt soul-healing to not rush to the future.

It’s okay to think of the future, but remember you’ll never get there. There is only right now.

My sister was totally late. I’m glad I didn’t rush. I’m glad I wasn’t hungry yet.

Busy Life, Troubled Mind

I’m guilty of doing too much all the time: I’m inspired, let’s create. Let’s start a new project, I have spare time today. Tomorrow it’s another thing I’m inspired to start. Spare time today and tomorrow isn’t enough time to start several new projects that take several weeks to finish! It’s become a bad habit of mine! Then I get bogged down with a million commitments and ideas and I stress out!

Silly Emily.

Comment below if you’re guilty of this too.

I get so caught up in all my ideas that when I do stop for a rest day because I’ve depleted myself, I realise I haven’t made enough time for my family.

It’s the most gutting feeling.

Trying to fulfil your passions and desires while also putting it all aside to truly focus on the people you love is all a balancing act, but all the more important to be aware of the now.

Relieve a lot of your stress and reunite with your family at the same time by being aware of how much you’re doing, and how much time you actually have everyday.

There’s no such thing as ‘too busy’ there is only ‘top priorities.’ Choose your priorities wisely.

Do less ‘work’ and use more of that ample time in your day to relish your loved ones rather than exhaust yourself.


If I’m honest, I’ll probably never stop rushing around at the gym trying to get workouts over and done with (they’re hard work!), but I will take more time to indulge in my family and in mindful tasks. I’ll stop thinking at double speed and start thinking about what’s in front of me.

Activities That Help Me Be More Present

These are some things I do to encourage presence.

  1. Remind myself to take a deep breath, at any point in the day
  2. Yoga
  3. Laze by the beach (my personal fave)
  4. Stop what I’m doing and tell my fiancΓ© I love him
  5. Meditate (I’ll be honest, I don’t do this, but I should!)

Some blabber of thoughts for a second. When I say I don’t meditate, I’m referring to standard seated meditation. But there is such thing as ‘active meditation’ where you meditate through movement. I do this not only during yoga, but when I do literally anything. For example, when doing the dishes, I think as I grab a plate to wash; “This is a plate. I am washing this plate.” I try to make sure I know I’m doing something while I’m doing it.

Don’t live on autopilot, you’re not a plane.

The Ultimate Takeaway

Slow. Nature is slow. Growing is slow. Development is slow.

We live in a fast-paced society with constant ‘break-throughs’ and plenty of hands to build a skyscraper in a matter of days. We can eat exactly what we feel like, and listen to any song immediately.

But it takes hours for a delicious stew, days to rest adequately, weeks to grow small plants and years to become a master. Life takes time, flow along with it.

Life is incredible.

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