I Started Massaging My Fiancé Once a Week For My Own Self-Care


Yep, one day I woke up and decided I wanted to massage my fiancé each week coming into the new year– at least until baby is born (soon, end of April).

All for the sake of my own self-care.

How does that help you? WELL, it all began from a book…

It’s a bit of a Buddhism thing– and not religiously. I’m not Buddhist nor a highly practiced spiritual individual in any way whatsoever, but I read a book about happiness, written by the (14th) Dalai Lama himself (a well-respected Buddhist Guru). And with no fancy intellectual merits to me, from the book I learnt an important little something about how being compassionate can change your life.

Compassion is giving others your time, energy, attention, forgiveness, and care.

There’s no greater form of self-healing than caring for another.

To my surprise, I’ve actually managed to sustain the weekly massage thus far (it’s early April now– almost baby time!). The point is to consciously care for my partner, regardless if I’m tired or ‘too pregnant.’ It makes me feel better, PLUS there’s the bonus of side-effects, such as, a strengthened bond between us and the realisation that I haven’t been attending to my relationship as much as I should be.

Each massage is full-body (or targeting a specific area, depends what he needs) and goes for 35-50 minutes.

Yep. I’ve been putting big efforts into this small commitment.

I think, in general, people are busy with work and commitments that quality time with and full attention on our loved ones fall by the wayside. Stop being so tangled in your ‘busy’ life and make time for your loved ones! I’m not saying you should give them a massage once a week, but make a conscious effort to give them some form of compassion (time, energy, attention, forgiveness, or care) often.

It might just be the remedy for tension or miscommunication.

-hippie t.

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