Looking Back – Full Poem

I stare at my baby photos as if I’m staring back,
A time of existence,
no memory.
There will be a time I will be gone,
losing memory.
When death steals me from Mother’s grip
I ask heaven for a final flick
Through my gallery
To see my past self returning the gaze,
times I will forget.
I will be content
Because the eyes gazing back
will have considered this,

// and chose to live//

This life is precious. If I could have one last recap of my life before I died and my soul taken, I’d want to be assured I lived. Photos and film of proof that I didn’t take life for granted or spent it worrying about it being all for no reason.

Life has only the value you give to it; only the meaning; only the purpose, so give to it. There isn’t really a point in existing, but you’re on this Earth, equipped with feelings and experiences, live it to your utmost fulfilment, you’ll be proud in the end that it wasn’t wasted

This is definitely something to consider if you feel depressed or unhappy. Despite how “pointless” it all seems, you were born. It could have been anyone, but god chose you —
he knew you could do it.

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