The Torture of Your Love– Spoken Poems + Honest Book Analysis!

Have you bought a signed copy of my book yet? Get to it! We’re going through it today, right now.

I thought I’d execute a few of the poems, and then tear them shreds ’til we reveal their soft cores. You can love and hate it with me!

If you’re somebody who prefers mystery and interpretation, perhaps listen to just the spoken poem and skip the rest… Do whatever you want, thanks for being here in the first place. 🙂

OK, to my loyal friends and followers who own a copy, let’s lick our finger and turn to page 17.

Chąn̩ TurnРa series of short and usually fast ballet turns

Pointe Shoe– the ballet shoe (which I had pronounced VERY wrong, apologies to the French people)

Adagio– fast pace tempo, used in music

*You probably (hopefully) watched the whole video and saw how damn tired I looked. I actually wasn’t tired at all, if anything I had overslept! But it was painful to my ears playing back the reoccurring grammar mistakes throughout all of the videos. I had to edit out when I said ‘flied’ instead of ‘flew…’ My pregnancy brain is THRIVING. *

We all go through relationship dramas, if you know someone who has recently experienced a break-up, help this book find it’s way to them. Words are the gateway to soul, someone wiser than me once said.

Words are the gateway to the soul

If you’re local in Port Macquarie, NSW and would like a copy of my book, message me somewhere so you can avoid paying shipping, plus you get to see my lovely face in person, otherwise DM me!

Thank you for hearing some words from my heart.

The content contained in the above video is copyrighted by Hippie Thinking and Mad House Media Publishing. The music has been provided by InShot. You may share or use any of the poems ONLY if credit is given to the author, Hippie Thinking and it may NOT be reproduced or modified in any way for personal or commercial reasons without written consent from Hippie Thinking.

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