Soft Things- Spoken Poem

Soft Things

*Me rolling around on my bed at 8.30pm with nothing to do, but wait for the love of my life to finish work*

*Whispers to self* let’s write a poem about it.


I lay and wait for him to get home
knowing that he’ll be too tired to acknowledge me.

He’ll unlock his boots,
slip into a warm shower,
and slide under the thick duvet cover.

I’ll wait anyway, like a little puppy waiting
for its beloved owner— trusting they’ll return,
I roll around in the cushions on my bed;
my room is a wonderland of
snuggly pillows and fun-shaped, coloured cushions
I love soft things!

That’s why I will lay and wait for hours for him,
and I won’t complain as he ignores me
walking past me down the hallway, because I know,
in the morning, he’ll kiss me before dawn.

He’ll remind me how I can wake up to
another mundane day and call it a ‘life.’
Together we will wake under the warm white covers,
arms wrapped gently, because we love each other.

He loves me.

And if that’s not a good enough reason to
watch the sun rise one more time,
then I’m just selfish.

Behind The Lyrics

I have a mildly high obsession for cushions and pillows, which is funny because I sleep on a single, deflated pillow– and by deflated I mean flat and floppy. The fun lives in the other room.

If not for his love that I get in return for loving him– you know, the classic exchange of love– life would be quite depressing. I’d be stuck with my overactive mind and hormonal outbursts… no thanks. I don’t mind being alone, but having someone close helps me to manage myself!

Being sincerely loved and not returning the love back can be selfish, I believe, if you don’t love equally, why be together? In my opinion, it’s not a one-way street.


The guitar in the background is a cover of Pearl Jam’s song, ‘Yellow Ledbetter,’ played by my partner.

The recording and the rest is all me. 🙂

Thanks for listening. I don’t post much spoken-word content, if I’m honest, it’s just me feeling awkward and uncomfortable hearing my feelings out loud… I’ll post more through time.

Comment below some poetry topics you enjoy.

-hippie t.

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