Why Looks DO Matter – Developing Personal Style and Confidence

I wore my cute patchwork jeans to work for the first time and all day it fed my motivation to be productive.

I was strutting in these jeans, to the library after work, and an epiphany smacked me right in the face.

In today’s post, I’ll be writing about this epiphany and a consequential interview I did with the flamboyant Mitch Marchment.

Let Me Explain When I Say Looks DO Matter

When I say ‘looks’ I’m not referring to your face– that’s already perfect, I mean your outfit! Growing up we’re told not to judge a book by it’s cover– but covers hint to the contents inside the book. Some people dress sloppily; wear rags and have scruffy hair. Some are well-ironed and accessorise. Looks are our first impression of someone– it’s human nature to judge.

Me? I’m simple and down to earth.

Different Styles Convey Different Messages

Certain appearances convey certain messages. For example, a suit may indicate high-status or authority, whereas someone wearing light, flowy materials may indicate freedom and flow. Mitch says:

“For me I LOVE colour. I choose my clothes based on my mood and how I want others to feel. How you dress can influence how other people feel, and to me, it’s important I spread that happiness. I don’t own any neutral colours. Everything I wear has to POP and be colourful.”

Who’s Mitch? A Bit About Mitch

Mitch and I in front of Bandwagon Café

Mitchel Marchment is an invigorating friend I met through work two years ago. He’d buy his usual XL iced latte, dressed passionately in pink, accessorised purposefully and strutting confidently– before he even took his first sip of caffeine.

I interviewed Mitch to delve into his future career in fashion; what aspect of fashion, his goals, all of that… He gives full credibility to his Nana for implanting in his heart, his love for fashion. He explained that,

My Nana was always extravagantly dressed; having ironed all her clothes; and never left the house without having perfectly done her hair and make-up. It was said that she could never be seen wearing the same outfit twice. She loved exploring fashion,”

and now, so does Mitch. Mitch passionately wants to move to London and study fashion at university– specifically, fashion journalism– and work for designer brands. His ultimate life goal would be to brand his own avant-garde fashion.

AVANT-GARDE – French for unusual, out-of-the-box, beautiful, strange.

…the best word to describe Mitch.

Expresso Yourself!

Fashion facilitates our inner creativity. For Mitch,

“Fashion is an extension of my body.”

He expresses himself with colour, shape, and material. Although everybody expresses their inner creativity differently– through painting, poetry, pottery, etc– what we wear can be very influential. It’s important to harness the power of fashion. Have you ever looked in the mirror or at photos of you wearing a formal gown or suit and your heart sank because you thought you looked stunning? Take pride in yourself– flaunt yo’ stuff!

Mitch can’t exist without an XL iced coffee a day– even on the coldest, wettest of mornings like the morning of the interview. And maybe you’re just like Mitch. Grab a coffee (or tea, if that’s which way you swing) and go shopping. If you’re like me, buying clothes seems mission impossible– nothing fits, you can’t afford the only thing that fits, and now you’re just making excuses. Spend a day gathering ideas and enlightenment, take a friend, and try again.

Be patient if you’re new the whole fashion thing.

Now, The Part About My Epiphany

My epiphany included upgrading my wardrobe to more accurately portray me and my creative moods. My partner has been urging me to present myself less like a bogan and more like a real person, and I’ve been resistant. I’m comfortable, why change?

Comfortable can be classy.

Put the time and attention into looking fiiiiine. It wasn’t until I started caring about presenting myself well, that I started feeling confident and keen to conquer my goals. Maybe you aren’t a creative, but rather entrepreneurial; you can style in ‘business wear’ or clothes that peg you as serious and educated. Your clothes can psychologically influence how others feel and how YOU feel.

I’ll tell you a silly thing I used to do when I was six-years-old. I’d change my outfit constantly throughout the day because I’d get annoyed with what I was wearing, and often-times it resulted in me just walking around naked. Similarly to now, certain clothes irritate me depending on the time of the month– seriously, it can cause a mental break-down. I need variety.

Dressing To The Occasion

Don’t dress however you want and deem it as ‘self-expression.’ To me, that’s being rebellious. I believe there are limitations; themes for a wedding, attending a funeral, a job interview, these all have more classified or ‘expected’ styles. Mitch agrees and adds that he puts his own style into it.

Yay to business suits and flamingo socks!

Stop rebelling, start re-tuning.

Clothing Cleanse- Soul Cleanse

For some reason, I couldn’t let go of my old rags until recently. I struggled to invest in clothes because one: I hated spending money, and two: I hated shopping. So, for yeeeears I wore the same Queenslander, bogan shorts and singlets. I moved from Queensland five years ago, and should have disposed of them! Wearing the same thing kept me contained in my old thought patterns. If you have seemingly ‘unobtainable goals’ maybe it’s the damn rags.

If you’re on a tight budget, the Facebook store and op-shops (non-Australian term: thrifting) are great! If you already do that, put some time into finding unique pieces that more accurately convey a new you. *wink*

Change Your Clothes- Change Your Life

BIG THANKS to Mitch for giving me his time so I could interview him!! I hope you guys feel inspired.

Above, is the link to his Instagram account.

Comment below, what’s your style?

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