The Most Effective Strategy to Clear Your Mind– I Found a Solution!

Are you depressed? Done with the stress of life? Overwhelmed with your work-load? Under pressure at work, home or school? Or my favourite: fucking sick of myself and the shit I put myself through; the disrespect, the questions and the dissatisfaction. Me too. So, I did what we all dream of doing:

I ran away… to Fiji.

(And, because I must really dislike myself, guess what? I forgot my camera πŸ™‚ So, enjoy the spread of low quality pics– all captured with great despair– throughout this post.)


Good question… I was consumed by ‘reality.’ I was confused about who I was & where I was going in life. Everyday, I carried the weight of fatigue regardless of how much I slept– it became noxious. Sickness became a trend. From having the common cold once a year, to suddenly having a new arsenal of illnesses, my body was trying to communicate with my ignorant mind.

Every few months, I dealt with; a stomach flu, diarrhoea, chronic fatigue. My muscles and joints were inflamed after every session of exercise and I was heavily bloated. I had taken on too much and could never seem to be pleased with myself.

Don’t you ever hurt yourself by over-working and over-stressing. I know society hypes up the grind and success, but my escape to Fiji taught me something more valuable…


Slow down- Fiji time. And that’s something you’ll never hear in modern times. Everyone seems to be rushing and grinding but what about calming it all down? What about detaching? What about the creases in your skin only growing older? What’s it all for? In Fiji, no one moves fast- not even the staff at a busy resort… We waited half an hour minimum, for every meal we ordered. We were constantly reminded by the staff and general public of Fiji to slow down, take your time.

Why I Love Third-World Places

Their living is simple. There is no expectation or pressure to do anything. Obviously, they live in poorer conditions as a result, but there’s such an abundance of love and care and they’re all so damn happy. There’s nothing wrong with western culture wanting to evolve and revolutionise, but sometimes I think the culture needs to chillax. A lot of problems in society nowadays gravitate around social pressures, lack of attention & love, and silly expectations for appearances & status. In Fiji, there is no judgements for anything. It’s the perfect place to escape if the pressure is making sour, cold-pressed orange juice out of you.

Now I’m not demanding you go to Fiji, but I will reprimand you if you don’t book some getaway ASAP (I’m kidding I won’t do that! I care for your well-being <3)

but, because some random blogger told you, it must be the answer!


I’m not a doctor, lawyer, real-estate agent, Prime Minister, or internet sensation, I don’t have bucketloads of spare cash to throw at a luxurious holiday. If you are and can afford such thing, that’s fabulous! What are you doing here? I’ve been tipping thirty dollars into a savings account every week for years and managed to total enough for little luxury. I’m not a financial adviser– spend your money however you want– but do consider investing in self-care.

I’ll be honest, the trip costed us about four-thousand Australian dollars per person– for meals, flights, surfing & parasailing, and lots (and lots) of chocolate ice-cream. There were good specials on the site we booked through. If you’re like me and can’t afford a holiday like that, go camping for a week with no reception out in the bush, turn your phone off and forget about work.

I scraped up as much money from all of my saving accounts to afford the week off work, etc, because what-the-heck! I’d never visited outside Australia and if I didn’t go now, I’d never go. My mind, body, soul & relationship needed a serious reboot. Money was my sacrifice– I felt enlightened and very reckless!


For myself, I struggled to disconnect from Hippie Thinking. I was constantly in creative mode, or action mode, or planning & scheduling. I would never truly ‘knock-off’ work. It used to drive my partner insane because I prioritised over him a lot of the time. It doesn’t feel great to have been ‘that person.’ Money was my sacrifice.

In Fiji, the only Wi-Fi was at the resort and I had no calling or texting on my mobile. Being consumed by my phone and not enjoying the whole experience would have been a big ‘ol waste of sacrifice. I was determined for the benefits of the experience.

Everything in life comes with a sacrifice

That’s a motto I’ve lived by when making decisions. You can never do one thing without affecting something else. Life is like balance scales. If you’re reading this post now, you probably answered ‘yes’ to at least one of the questions in the first few lines of this post– and probably needing change or direction. Think for a moment;

  • What needs improving?
  • What are some repetitive thoughts?
  • What will be affected if I take action?
  • Which is more important?

What are you willing to sacrifice to feel happier?


I returned home from Fiji with sadness (the same one that embodied me at each missed photo opportunity) and change of mindset. The goal wasn’t to achieve my endless to-do list and all my main goals at once; it was to relax and be patient. I learned there is nothing wrong with easy, sometimes. I was physically ill from high stress and didn’t give what my body it needed: easy. Because time slows down when you move slowly, there feels like soooo much time in a day to get things done. This taught me: there’s time for everything to be accomplished. Do one task properly, with focus and care, everyday. Eventually, all will be achieved.

Fiji retuned my state of mind (with persistence)– that’s why I urge you to go!!! And for longer than a coupla’ days. Make time.

In Fiji, there was no need to rush. There was absolutely no judgement and no pressure, and they bonded closely with their natural land. Fiji reminded me of the beautiful life force that surrounds us and just the unimportance of most of the sh*t on my endless to-do list.

I want each day to incorporate the elements of my holiday. Everyday, I want to make time and be there for myself. Everyday, I want to be happy. (Re-read that last line again.)

Slow down,

Simplify life

From any location

Fiji time.

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