Q&A about Writing/ Poetry/ Life: Answering your Burning Questions

Heyyy! I’ve curated some questions you guys had about my writing life. This is for those curious friends and writers looking for some direction or inspiration.

Let’s fast-forward to your questions because I have nothing to ramble on about today!

Are you depressed?

by tgodk.c

I love this question! Yes. But also, no! I’m one of the happiest people alive but as high as high goes, is as low as low goes. Yin and Yang. I feel euphoric equally to the depth of heart-broken I sometimes feel. Poets are convincing! Most of our inspiration comes from the sadness, heart-break, neglect, and loneliness, but also the joy, calm, empowerment and love residing within us. We’re a different species. We relish in the good times and the bad.

When did you start writing?

by authornilakshigarg

When I was 14 years old (2016).

What made you fall in love with writing?

by liz.bagheera

The touchy-touchy, feely-feely attracted me to the world of writing. I always sucked with colours and lacked patience for drawing/ painting and for some reason, creating visuals made me super nervous! Every stroke needed perfection. Writing was a suitable avenue for my sizzling creativity and self-expression; an emotional release. Writing is so personal and the emotional intent hides in translation- even from fluent English speakers. Poetry especially, is a separate type of English. My heart can be an emotional marshmallow- soft and sensitive- sometimes and words nurture it. I have an overwhelming love for letters and language. It sounds so silly but I could wallow in waters of words. Writing is natural.

What’s your writing process?

by circling.sea

When I started writing, I had no clue how to organise my writing. I felt like I was doing it wrong (as if there was a particular system to abide by). Through time, I came up with my own little system. I jot all my writing into my spiral notepad using the same brand of blue biro since I got my pen licence. FYI, I am all for change and I’ve tried other pens but I hate everything except my blue biro <3.

If my notepad is inaccessible, I’ll use the standard Notes app on my iPhone.

All drafts are transferred to Google Docs in my ‘Unpublished’ folder and then organised into categories post-edit. They undergo extensive editing (for possible MONTHS) before being published to my socials. Though, not every poem is published (I can’t disclose all my secrets and feelings with you, hehe). Sometimes, I structure poems in Canva but mostly through Docs. If the poem is getting monetised, I use Scribd to professionally structure the poem and fiddle and fiddle and fiddle until I’m happy 😊

Who & what inspired your poetry book?

by lifeofteleai

An ex I had in 2016. It was such a silly short-lived relationship but for some reason it struck a nerve in my heart. Eventually, I’ll explain my inspiration and the meanings of the poems in The Torture of Your Love in the future. In short: the feelings lasted years after we broke up and it enforced massive self-growth- teaching me the greatest lesson of letting go. It was like a sweet teaspoon of fresh honey which resulted in painful diabetes I ignored and over-indulged consequentially from a newly acquired a sugar addiction. That’s my description of it. To me it was a huge deal and I released important feelings through this book.

What do you do moments before the pen touches the paper to get into the flow of writing?

by illustration_marcs

I put in earphones and play soft music– Lauv, Tim Buckley, ODIE, Dandelion Hands, etc— and stare out to the world. I usually sit by a window and watch out otherwise I’m outside, observing the world for stimulation. Writing puts me in the flow of writing. Observing and listening to music gives me ideas to get started.

I’m interested in what you guys do moments before getting into the creative flow, let me know.

Will you write screenplay/ novel/ short story?

by authornilakshigarg

I’m uninterested in movies so that’s a no-deal to screenplay. I don’t read a lot of fiction either so novels are out of question; I have tried to write a novel but I’m more interested in true stories & auto/biographies. Most of my fiction naturally follows a real-life experience– that’s where my emotions and motivation thrive. In saying that, I do love short stories! Ironic! I enjoy a short moment conveying a feeling or message. Short stories aren’t an imitation of a whole life story like novels. Elisonwrites is a favourite short-story author of mine.

What do you like most about yourself (to your core)?

by onyx.herself

I don’t want to sound conceited… But because we should all appreciate the parts of ourselves and you asked, I will say: I love my hair (more than my life); my randomness; wild nature; and my open-mindedness. Comment what you love most about yourself, hehe.

Are you proud of the person you are right now?

by pathika7171

I prefer to be ‘content with myself’ than ‘proud of myself.’ I’m happy that I managed to discipline myself and self-improve to make my life great, considering the circumstances I was brought up in. Sometimes, I wish it didn’t feel so difficult to work hard, some people are seamlessly disciplined and focused, going after their ‘dreams,’ honestly, I don’t get it. I struggle to walk down one path, I question every little thing I do, I’m pedantic with my time, I’m so unsure because my emotions and motivations are inconsistent and sporadic!

I’m most happy with the person you helped me become, Simon 🙂

What do you think about dreams? Are they an alternate timeline in another universe?

by her_vague_words

I was pondering this the other day! I’ve been having pleasant dreams- and no, not wet dreams. They’re just peaceful and pleasant.


I fully believe in the science of dreams (same with reality)- it’s all an illusion and dreams are an inaccurate source to deem clairvoyance or ‘insight.’ If you’re looking for signs and coincidences, you’ll see them. Brains are weird, wet and fleshy blobs designed to make us function. Sorry if I just crushed your soul with the palm of my hands. Ironically, I write every little incident and coincidence into my journal because I have so many little moments where I ‘experience an omen’ to ‘assure me I’m on the right path.’ I’m spiritual but a realist. Reality is only what you believe and I’m not going to question my dreams because they aren’t logical for a reason. I’ve made peace with the unknown.

Do you do collabs?

by poemsbykhalen

Indeed! I love connecting with other poets/ writers for anything! You learn a lot about a person’s authenticity through their language.

Contact me, if you’re interested!!

What is it you want in this life?

by dukedan77

Typically, I’d reply with: happiness and freedom, anything outside of that I’m not fussy, BUT I actually have a few life goals. My ultimate goal is to either, build a unique house on a block of land, or to renovate an intriguing house. I love those abstract interior-designs you see in magazines and on TV; illusive and colourful. Second to owning a house, is to sell a world’s best-seller or something similar to prove to myself that I can be great at something.

I just want to be intensely inspired until those over-worked inspiration muscles die then I can die beside them.

Thanks to everyone who participated!

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