Achieve ANYTHING In Life With This Guide- My Goals And Self-Discipline

Hard work sucks…

…but not always.

I’ve got some juicy tips that will give you the strength to achieve anything in life. Keep reading for a jug-full.

A handful of you guys have been asking about my future aspirations and goals. Not only will I reveal them, I’ll delve into some structures I’ve set for myself- including my rules & daily routine- and my practise of discipline, along with some special personal tips to help strengthen your mind.

If you’re utterly uninspired, emotionally destroyed that you’re not making progress, or you’re wanting to discipline yourself, grab a glass of ice and read on, as I pour the juice from the jug.



We’ll start with my daily routine, it can be the entrée to get a taste of how I am.

In short, a typical work day goes as follows:

  1. 5.30AM wake-up
  2. Toilet
  3. Wash face
  4. Brush hair
  5. Make bed
  6. Brief over set tasks
  7. 6AM Work
  8. Lunch
  9. Eat chocolate/ arvo smoko
  10. Study & content creation
  11. 6PM exercise/ yoga
  12. Dinner
  13. Finish final tasks
  14. Settle down- read book/ engage with fellow writers/ snuggles
  15. 10PM sleep


On days off, I mosey around and e v e n t u a l l y things get done. I might slip in exercise in the morning, if I’m keen- usually a run. I often finish all tasks by lunch time, so I spend the rest of the day baking or watching documentaries. I’m SOOO boring, I know. If I’m not traveling, I’m learning, or creating, or just sitting watching the world happen or staring into the void contemplating life’s biggest, unanswered mysteries. Not many movies/ series interest me, and I’m not a big spender- food exempt! Depending how exhausting a week I have, I’ll spend Saturday sleeping and Sunday switching off.

I’ve conditioned myself to eat chocolate or some indulgence for arvo smoko. I’m not unhappy with it, hahaha. Do you have any sneaky, little habits? Comment below.

I’m crazy productive, only because I’m determined to achieve great things. When you have no clue what your ‘dream job’ is but you know you have great potential of living with happiness and wealth, you stay proactive and try new things to expand your horizons and get a taste of your little hobbies- the minute things that spark great joy or passion.

My Dreams & Aspirations


So then, what AM I interested in? What ARE the hobbies I work on? What ARE my dreams?


I’ve noted some in the photos below, but elaborately;

  • Poetry
  • Blogging
  • Yoga
  • Running
  • Photography & photo aesthetic
  • Calligraphy
  • Design– collage/ elemental/typography & colour arrangement
  • Interior design– though I put in ZERO effort because I have a toxic relationship with it. It’s too damn expensive, and it turns me into a perfectionist.
  • Eastern philosophy
  • Human psychology
  • Coffee roasting & barista work

After a long afternoon; evaluating potential career options, delving into passions, learning job outcomes, and discussing with peers on short-notice, their careers and motivations, I’ve achieved the slightest bit of clarity for my career options.

You can read some of the questions I was asking and some notes I took, below.

Steal these questions for yourself (I won’t tell!). I stumbled on a blog by Mark Manson, titled: ‘7 Strange Questions That Help You Find Your Life Purpose,’ which is where I got the weird question about eating shit sandwiches. Essentially, it means: ‘what are you willing to endure for your passions?’ With every job/ career, there is shit you’ll have to suffer through. What shit is worth eating? It’s identical to love. 🙂


I haven’t decided if I want to follow a pathway into University, or go to TAFE. I don’t exactly have the advantage of a High School Certificate- or even year 10- so I’m not qualified for anything. Instead, I have valuable work & life experience, and have a brain capable of thinking for itself, which veers me from getting myself into unhappy work situations, where I work like a prisoner for top-dollar. I’m VERY fussy. I guess a lot of us are because no one wants to waste their life away being miserable, especially if they know they’re driven to attain the best for themselves.


It all stems from the promise I made to myself when I dropped out of year 10- I will succeed without fancy HSC’s and useless certificates. I’m not ditching school out of laziness, but out of disbelief. I believed school was a waste of my time- learning so many unnecessary things to eventually be forgotten, just to pass a test, to get into a more intense school, to further learn a skill that will encourage me to waste my life away feeling half-satisfied. That’s how I see it.

If you want to get into some professional field and need to go through school, that’s absolutely great! We need people like you, but school never offered most of what I would consider doing as work, such as yoga teaching, or blogging. I’ve had to pave my own path, so the motivation to prove to myself- and everyone- that there are alternative versions to succeed, is impenetrable.

I will admit, it’s difficult not having entry level to University or TAFE courses, but I suppose it stops me from building on a school fee bill to have to pay when I’m older. The plan is to save for study until I’m sure of my path. By the time I’ve made up my mind, I will have enough money to pursue it without getting myself into pointless debt- that’s my logic anyways. We’ll see how the cards play. I may even work my way up through people I know, and work experience.


Networking is so incredibly valuable for me and you, here’s why.

Success is less about the school, and more about contacts. It’s people who will get you into jobs when you need practical experience; it’s people that are employers, and the closer connection and relationship you have with them, the more likely they WANT you to work for them. You will have deeper satisfaction if your work vibes are on similar wave-lengths.

Learning is more productive through experience, for example, the distance running I underwent last year. I met runners through short runs which led to eventually being offered an opportunity to join some other local, ultra-trail runners. I learnt correct trail running techniques & skills, and how to sustain energy sources, and for free, all because I had the drive to do it and learn. Shoutout to Rob Lloyd.

I’ve been working in the same café as an all-rounder consistently for nearly two years, with the ability to chat to many walks of life, and get personal with regulars. Some people come in when they’re having a shit day just to feel better. Some may criticise my job as menial, however I use it to practise some of life’s most undervalued skills, such as- and here, I take a deep breath in- not being half-assed, focusing on every dish I wash and coffee I serve (that there are no cup spills, etc), listening with full attention, and working not just for money, but to improve the well-being of customers.

We’re not taught those most important human skills in school and it’s upsetting. Society is impatient, stressed, binge-eating, living unhappily as a result. I have this burning desire to encourage people to be their best-self and to care about people. We’re all misled, so I’ve curated my yearly goals to align with this passion. I know: if you genuinely love and help people, they will genuinely return the effort (not always of course). Like my grandad always said:

It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.

What are you passionate about?



Every new year, I set realistic goals to achieve in that year, and I revise them every few months.

Each day/ week I sit down and fill this out/revise.

I’m adopting the habit of monthly goal checking, to ensure I’m not slacking off. I purchased a ‘Productive Planner’ to write daily tasks and to stay focused. Distractions can be our enemy. This planner ensures that everyday, no matter how small, something gets achieved. It’s the small steps everyday that reap the largest outcomes. This has eased a lot of stress and anxiety I’ve had about not getting tasks done or having enough time in the day. Practise focusing on little tasks completely, than rushing through trying to do everything on your endless, unrealistic to-do list.

Some days, your brain is foggy and you can’t physically do what you intended. Be patient. Life is long. Concentrate on one thing at a time, steadily and thoroughly. Slowly, but surely, everything will get done.

Keep yourself accountable. If you’re procrastinating, ask yourself; why? Is it lack of inspiration? Pinterest. Are you tired? Take a nap. Some days feel longer than others, some days people seem more rude. Flow with it, and stop forcing guilt upon yourself for circumstances out of your control, or not taking advantage of circumstances IN your control.

Have the audacity to challenge the universe, and you’ll get what you want.



I hate discipline, and discipline hates me. Exercising after a 10 hour shift, is a strenuous effort; intermittent fasting every other day, is a war to resist the pleasure of food; reading everyday, can be boring; controlling your feelings and being kind to everyone regardless, is annoying. But in discipline, there is freedom. Exercising keeps me lean, fasting improves my productivity, etc, etc, etc. By regularly discipling yourself, you create habits that run without thought or feeling. Make life easier, tap into your current thought patterns and rewire them with easy tasks, which I will explain further down.


Discipline, in this sense, is the practise of training yourself to have self-control and form habits that recreate your routine.

It’s a process. Don’t be discouraged if you fall out of habit, or give in to over-indulgence. It’s part of the process- we need to have those pleasure days and moments of guilt, to remind us WHY we’re disciplining ourselves and to make us more determined to be stricter.


I use thought redirection as my main tactic to discipline myself. You want chocolate cake because you’ve repetitively thought about it. Have you ever had one of those moments where you’ve forgotten that you were going to indulge in something, then remembered later and reignited that craving? Actually, some older guy came into the café once, and ordered a coffee. He nipped to the bathroom and nearly left his coffee sitting there, had I not called him back in to grab it. Everything we want, are just thoughts. It’s human nature to desire, and life wouldn’t be as exciting without it, however, we need to set ourselves boundaries and limits. Repeating productive words and phrases, such as, ‘Keep going, keep going, keep going’ or ‘Almost there, alllmooosssttt ttthhheeerrrreeee,’ instead of ‘I want Black Hawaiian Gelato’ (my favourite flavour, hehe) will refocus you. It also cures the dread of the things that are too much effort.

Get into the habit of getting up and doing activities instantly, before you have time to think about it. For example; folding/ hanging clothes neatly as soon as you unclothe (if they’re not going straight in the wash); washing dishes straight after use; etc. Otherwise, I guarantee you’re going to overthink it, and procrastinate, and never do it. I know this, I’m a thinker. I dedicate my life to story-writing and journaling, but there’s a fiiiiine line to bad over-thinking. When physical discomfort or effort is involved, you just have to get up and get it done! Make a habit of making your bed at the waking eye, prioritise this before any task or even the toilet. Obviously there’s no real point in having a made bed since you’re getting back in it later, but do it for the mental discipline. How fucking easy is it to make your bed? If you can’t even do that in the morning, how are you going to be a millionaire or whatever your dream is?

I pretend I’m my own strict parent, by being stern and bossy. It’s funny because it works a charm for me. I’m someone who is sensitive to getting into trouble. Most of the time, I make an effort to avoid doing anything wrong, because peoples’ anger or authority over-intimidates me. I could cry instantly. I’m working on this emotional strength, but at least I’m guaranteed to do as I’m told if I’m stern on myself. Even if your heart is made of steel, you still have some respect for older people, in which you obey orders. So, apply that respect as if you were that person of higher power.

Lastly, I’m going to hurt your feelings and tell you to do the occasional extreme physical effort. If you’re not a gym-junkie, and you’re like me and you’re convinced you’re allergic to exercise, then this one is for you, baby. Get a trainer or a gym friend- it’s absolutely necessary- and do something ridiculously hard. I mentioned earlier, I was invited to join some ultra-trail runners on a trek. Well, the run was four hours jogging up and down hilly terrain, until 10.30pm that night, after an 11 hour shift. Looking back, I cannot believe I actually convinced myself to go, and I wouldn’t do it again anytime soon… But I learnt my capacity: I could push myself 100x further than I ever would attempt, if it was an unmotivating Monday doing body pump at the gym. You can too. It’s not about the motivation, it’s about your mental strength. You don’t have to do this weekly, unless you’re keen to, but just every now and then, go out and physically destroy yourself, with regard to safety and your health, please! You’ll be surprised how far and hard you can go with someone to distract you and push you.


Some of these are the building blocks to maintain my discipline, others are hygiene reasons. Yours will certainly vary, some you might already do.

These are:

  1. Don’t check phone within an hour of waking
    • You’ll bombard your half-asleep brain with reminders and tasks and stress. Wake up easy and ease into your day. It’ll set a nice tone. Usually, acknowledging social media or emails notifications with entice you to click, for example, getting a friend request from your ex. It’s too early for that shit.
  2. Limit sugar at breakfast/ in the morning
    • This encourages my cravings throughout the day, and I disrelish sugar crashes. There are more energising foods, if I’m not fasting.
  3. One more rep right at giving uppoint
    • This is where you reach your ultimate mental strength, working beyond giving up.
  4. Go outside everyday and absorb the elements
    • We are essentially molecules of nature bound to create unique humanness. We can’t survive without the benefits of the sunshine, rain, fresh air, the pretty colours, and calming blue sky. Lack of reconnection is half the reason for bad diet and stress. I’m intensely inspired outside.
  5. Post on Instagram three times a week
    • This applies to your own hobbies and interests. Be consistent and watch yourself develop and improve. It’s a euphoric feeling seeing success/ progress in areas you’re most passionate and inspired. Commit to it.
  6. ALWAYS pee after sex
    • This is for you ladies! I completely stopped getting UTI’s since implementing this habit. I read somewhere, it flushes bacteria off your vagina. You’re welcome.

I’ve watched interviews by Tom Bilyeu on YouTube, about how to rewire your brain to enjoy doing hard things. He chats with world-class experts about related topics. You’d be quite interested in watching. The videos reach an hour in length, but they’re circumstantial.



What are your goals and aspirations? What are you consistently struggling with? What are you going to change now?

Have a ponder for a moment and comment below some of the first things that come to mind.

Be patient with yourself. It’s a rocky road to all the good things in life; your relationships, wealth, business growth, study degrees, healthy eating, getting in shape, the mountain tops & waterfalls. It’s crucial to get crystal clear on what you want to achieve, so you know what choices to make and curate a plan.

  • Get specific.
  • Make a plan.
  • Talk to people (guidance councillors/ parents/ people with success in your desired field)
  • Research success or motivational stories, understand your interests and options.
  • Put your self-limiting belief aside and give shit a good hard go.

Who cares if you feel like you don’t deserve your goals, be wreck-less. Losing your dream is the worst thing you could lose- that dream is your purpose in life. There are always sacrifices, whether you knuckle down to accomplish goals or whether you choose to be lazy. There’s this thing I read that goes: “choose your hard- being fit is hard, so is being fat.” There are sacrifices in everything, I guess it just depends what’s worth sacrificing for what’s worth attaining.

Your dreams are your purpose in life, follow them to the ends of the Universe.

My partner has been a tremendous help in my journey. His love and support and wisdom is empowering. We all need a community, or even one close friend/ family member, anybody we love who loves us equally and undoubtedly, to assist us on our journey.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to people you look up to or who have experience doing what you want to get better at. We all need mentors and tutors to grow. Google is a pretty mediocre source of learning. You’ll skyrocket, learning from human stories and real human-interaction, than solely from online courses or YouTube/ Google or even reading library books. As someone who undertakes these sources of learning, I’ve gained more substantial growth from human connections, than endless reading and question answering, and personally, I crave teacher to student interaction.

I learned, through leaving home as a lost 18 year old away from a family that was falling apart, self-motivation is developed through external encouragement & inspiration, and sometimes the pressure of disadvantage or risk, just as it is internally (your inner drive to satisfy desires). Say, you lose your job and you have children to feed, that pressure is strong motivation for you to work your ass off to get money flowing again; or if you’re overweight and start having heart complications, you’ll force yourself to eat better and get active- that’s if you’re concerned about your life.

Go out and make yourself proud.

My Mantra To Thoroughly Absorb And Develop Over 2022

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