We are products of nature.
You deserve health, love and happiness- it comes with the price of being alive.

If you’re feeling a little lost or want to improve your mental and emotional state, please, pour yourself a cuppa, and keep scrolling. I am all over the place most days, consistency is a battle with fluctuating feelings. Throughout the journey of wrestling with feelings, ego, and thought patterns, I share my observations and lessons of growth I’ve learned along the road. I am definitely a character- a freak of nature some might accuse- a weirdo- dill- dingbat- doofus- duhbrain-you get the idea…

Everyone is constantly looking for answers and support. We all feel alone in some way, and that makes sense- only YOU get to see through the eyes YOU were born with, and feel with YOUR heart. No one really knows what they’re doing in general.

I hope you find that thing you’re searching for.